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Indoor windsurfing

Tired of waiting for good weather and wind?

Wanting to improve your skills under perfect conditions? 

Try indoor windsurfing!

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Why would I windsurf indoors?

Although nothing beats windsurfing in open waters on a perfect day, a downside of windsurfing is that in many places on earth you often don't have optimal conditions when you finally have some time available to execute your beloved hobby. It may be too cold for some time during the year, or simply no wind when it suits you. Indoor windsurfing can be the solution.

This innovative indoor windsurf track consists of an endless ‘canal’ with a wind system generating a constant and controllable breeze, serving beginners to professionals.

The track can be used for training as well as competitions; you can race against each other on a continuous track. Just as in car racing or ice skating the audience will have a good view of the surfers making their laps.

As an extra feature a special ‘jump hall’ is developed at the end of a straight track, where ‘engineered’ waves are generated that are perfect for making high jumps without the need for an artificial ramp.

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Designed for fun

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Perfect conditions

  • Constant and controllable wind: creating the right wind conditions, so you can practice your hobby whenever it suits you.

  • A fully covered track allows a tropical environment, so you can windsurf in shorts (as it was meant to be).

  • Less need to fly around the world to be able to windsurf in ideal conditions.

Fun for all

  • Wind conditions can be adapted for various levels of windsurfers: from a mild breeze for beginners to blast conditions for speed freaks.

  • Shallow water depths allow easily getting up and off.

  • A connected wave basin with a wave paddle can generate ‘custom made’ waves for jumping. This can also be great for windsurf demonstrations, having the audience close to the action.

  • The track can be used for official windsurf tournaments as well as for lessons, training and general leisure.

Endless racing

  • A continuous track allowing to sail in a circular fashion, like many other competitive sports.

  • Racing in laps allows monitoring lap times.


  • Facilities can be incorporated such as windsurf lessons, rental of equipment, tropical bars (with view on track or wave hall), etc. 

  • Comfortable seating for audience who can see the action closely.

How it works

The general concept to generate wind is using fans lined up along track to generate wind.
Several options possible for the wind system are considered

CS no loop wind.png

No recirculation

Low cost option

CS overhead loop wind.png

Overhead circulation

Improved efficiency

CS loop underground wind.png

Buried circulation

Visually attractive

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